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What's Your Dystany Foundation 

What’s Your Dystany Foundation (WYDF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to introducing and nurturing a passion for motorsports among children and young adults.


With a firm belief in the educational, developmental, and social benefits of engaging with motorsports, WYDF strives to make these exhilarating activities accessible to youth from all walks of life. Through a range of programs, workshops, and events, the foundation helps young enthusiasts develop important life skills, explore potential career paths in the motorsports industry, and foster a lifelong love for the adrenaline-fueled world of racing.



The mission of the What’s Your Dystany Foundation is to create opportunities for children and young adults to experience the excitement and camaraderie of motorsports, thereby promoting personal growth, teamwork, and a sense of community among participants. WYDF is dedicated to fostering a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment where all children can thrive and cultivate their passion for motorsports.

Programs and Activities


Motorsports Workshops 

WYDF organizes hands-on workshops that introduce children to the fundamentals of various motorsports, such as go-karting, drag racing, and auto racing. Participants learn about vehicle mechanics, racing techniques, and safety protocols under the guidance of experienced instructors and professional racers.


STEM Education 

The foundation recognizes the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in the world of motorsports. WYDF offers educational programs that highlight the practical applications of STEM concepts in the design, construction, and performance of racing vehicles.


Mentorship and Networking 

WYDF connects young motorsports enthusiasts with industry professionals, offering invaluable guidance and mentorship. Participants gain insights into potential careers in the field, including engineering, design, marketing, and professional racing.


Scholarship and Sponsorship 

The foundation offers scholarships and financial support to help talented and deserving youth pursue their passion for motorsports, whether it's through formal education, training programs, or participation in racing events.


Community Events

WYDF hosts motorsports-themed events and activities, such as family-friendly races, car shows, and meet-and-greets with professional racers, to foster a sense of community among motorsports fans of all ages.



Since its inception, the What’s Your Dystany Foundation has successfully introduced hundreds of children to the thrilling world of motorsports. With a focus on personal growth, skill development, and fostering a love for the sport, WYDF has helped nurture a new generation of motorsports enthusiasts who not only appreciate the excitement of racing but also understand the importance of teamwork, dedication, and perseverance.

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The What’s Your Destany Foundation is committed to bringing the world of motorsports to children and young adults, providing them with unique opportunities to learn, grow, and pursue their passions. Through its various programs, WYDF aims to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive motorsports community where everyone has the chance to experience the thrill of racing and the joy of shared experiences.

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