Dystany Spurlock gives a new meaning to "Fearless" from playing high school football to Driving and Racing anything with a Motor and Wheels.  She is an International Pro Dragracer with Championships in Curaco and abroad.


Dystany's journey started at the age of 17, as a mere spectator of racing. There was a burning curiosity each time she would attend a race. Eventually, she found her way to the local track. She started racing on a Suzuki and in 2010 she fell in love with all things BMW. Now, she races her favorite Bike, an S1000RR, and she has served as an Ambassador for the BMW Brand.  


At the age of 21, Dystany moved to Arena Car Racing. She dominated this space by placing in the top 10 of all racers. Once again, being relentless but obedient, Dystany received the calling to take on the next challenge. She knew this would be one of the hardest career choices she would ever have to endure. Nevertheless, she decided to "Go For It" ....she answered the call.


-Dystany Spurlock